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The ST Battle Trigger 2

The original ST Battle Trigger was first introduced over four years ago by Spike’s Tactical, it was first enhanced Mil-Spec trigger group to hit the market and has since proven to be extremely reliable, very affordable, and a favorite by many in the shooting industry.

The secret to our success was taking standard Mil-Spec components and using proprietary manufacturing processes along with proprietary coatings to improve the feel and increase the overall reliability.  It worked like a charm but over the years we have learned a lot and unfortunately these is only so much that can be done when using the standard Mil-Spec trigger and hammer CASTINGS, while maintaining the proper single stage Mil-Spec geometry.

After many companies began noticing the success of the ST Battle Trigger they decided to jump on board and start offering their own version of a modified, enhanced or coated Mil-Spec trigger group.

Some of these alternatives hitting the market were inferior to the St Battle Trigger and because of that were able to be sold at a much lower price point. If something isn’t identically the same and built to the same high standards of course it will be less expensive, right?

Now with several companies selling a nearly identical yet inferior product to ours, we were forced to either lower our  quality and hit a lower price point to stay competitive or build a better mouse trap. Since Spike’s Tactical as a company refuses to lower our quality for any reason we were left with raising the bar even further in efforts to separate us from the competition.

So we decided to build a better mouse trap that was still based on the extremely reliable single stage Mil-Spec design. the end result is the ST Enhanced Battle Trigger,  arguably the most durable trigger group ever produced for the AR15 platform. We were able to greatly increase the strength and reliability, reduce the overall weight, improve the feel, and incorporate full adjust-ability for performance you would normally only find in a true match grade trigger.

We started from scratch by designing and manufacturing our very own 8620 Tool Steel Hammer Forged trigger and hammer blanks. Hammer Forging in general is a very expensive and time consuming process but far superior to CAST, which is why the ST Enhanced Battle Trigger  is currently the first and only Hammer Forged trigger group on the market for the AR15 platform. Another first by Spike’s Tactical.

Now a little bit about the process.

The rough Hammer Forged blanks are individually magnetic particle inspected for flaws prior to any machining. After inspection the Forging blanks that pass get placed in custom fixtures inside a state of the art 5 axis CNC machine. After the machining process is done you’re left with hammers and triggers that look like jewelry, 100% of every surface is machined to perfection, no flashing or evidence of Forging is left any where on the part. After the machining process they go through many steps of quality control to insure each piece is flawless. After inspection is completed they go through a proprietary heat treating process as well as a proprietary coating process. At that point all parts are then re-inspected again. Once the parts get signed off on and we know they are ready to go into harms way they each get laser engraved with the Spike’s Tactical brand so that you know what your buying. Now that the parts are branded we can then inspect them again, package them and get them out to our customers world wide. It sounds like a lot of work but that is what it takes to bring the absolute best trigger group to market. We look forward to seeing the ST Enhanced Battle Trigger in the hands of those who want nothing but the best. The ST Enhanced Battle Trigger  is 100% Made in the USA and backed by our Lifetime Warranty!

Technical Specifications:

The hammer itself is Hammer Forged from 8620 Tool Steel, 5 axis CNC machined, heat treated, and features an extremely slick and durable Matte Nickel Boron finish. Pockets were added on both sides to reduce the mass and over all weight. The J spring was also eliminated to reduce drag and wear. The included captured KNS pins make it possible for us to eliminate the J spring.

The trigger itself is Hammer Forged from 8620 Tool Steel, 5 axis CNC machined, heat treated, and features an extremely slick and durable Matte Black Nitride finish. Pockets were placed in certain areas to reduce the over all weight. Adjustability was added to reduce the pull travel, to reduce the reset travel and the disconnect travel. When these 3 features are properly adjusted and dialed in your left with a very nice match grade trigger. The adjustment screws can be left out for those who want the most durable and most reliable trigger group on the planet. It is only necessary to run the adjustment screws if you choose to dial it in any further. For extreme use or duty use it is best to leave the supplied adjustment screws out or Loctite them in place after they are properly adjusted. The trigger does include the 3 adjustment screws as well as the correct  Allen wrenches required to install and adjust. This allows you, the shooter to decide what you want.

The disconnect is Wire EDM cut from 4140 Chromoly, heat treated, and features an extremely slick and durable Nickel Teflon finish. The disconnect has been Skelotonized to reduce weight and to increase the reaction speed of the disconnect for an extremely quick and positive reset.

The included hammer spring is a JP 3.5T red hammer spring. The weight of our hammer was engineered and tested to be optimum with the JP 3.5T hammer spring. It offers extremely positive ignition even with harder primers while maintaining a crisp ultra smooth 4.5-6.5lb pull weight. A standard Mil-Spec hammer spring can be installed by the end user to achieve a higher pull weight if desired or to increase the energy being applied to the primer.

The included trigger spring is Mil-Spec and made from 17-7 stainless steel.

The included disconnect spring is Mil-Spec and made from 17-7 stainless steel.

The ST Battle Trigger 2 also includes a set of captured KNS Gen 2 Mod ST anti-rotation pins. This high quality pin set is made to our specifications and supplied to us by KNS. We took the traditional KNS design and changed the looks slightly, made them much lower profile, and increased the strength of the side bars as well as the trigger and hammer pins. The trigger and hammer pins are both machined from a proprietary alloy, heat treated and feature and extremely slick and durable Black Nitride finish.

What’s included:

CHF hammer

CHF trigger

Skeleton disconnect

JP 3.5T hammer spring

Mil-Spec trigger and disconnect spring

3 adjustment screws for trigger, NOT installed

KNS Gen 2 Mod ST anti-rotation pin set

Wrenches required for install and adjustment, blue Loctite, and instructions




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