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We are excited to announce that Spike’s Tactical has teamed up with Lucas oil to produce our very own Gun Oil. Made in the USA, it is specifically formulated for use on AR15s and M16 Bolt Carrier Groups and other moving parts.  Today I have the opportunity to interview our head Armorer, Wayne Warensford,  as to what we actually use the Lucas Oil formula for on a daily basis in our production facility.
Antoinette: What does it do for the BCG ?

Wayne:  It lubricates and stops the  carbon from sticking to the BCG. This makes cleanup easier. You will get more up time on your rifle.

Antoinette: How do you use it?

Wayne: Straight out of the bottle put in a few drops  to whatever you are working on. The BCG is a good place to start because it’s one of your major lubrication points. use it on the springs because  it’s good protection against rust and corrosion.  I use it on the barrel to make sure the gas block goes on without scratching the barrel.  Use compressed air to remove any excess oil.  Also, put some on the charging handle before you insert it. Anywhere you have friction, make sure to lubricate with Lucas oil.

We put lots of time and energy in getting the formula right. This formulation a bit thicker than normal gun oil so it actually stays on the parts.  Compared to other gun oil on the market this oil has been specifically formulated for AR15’s and M16’s on full auto fire.

Antoinette: To lube or not to lube, I think we all have the answer. Thanks Wayne.

The first  10 people to email me at get a free bottle of Spike’s Tactical Extreme Duty Gun Oil by Lucas Oil.




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