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Love is a four letter word.

Speaking for myself, I was an AR15 virgin until I picked this baby up.  A fellow Spike’s Tactical employee,  who we will call the Pear Shaped Warrior, had been charged with taking me to the shooting range to try this baby out.  As an ex-instructor, he  explained to me the biggest mistake guys make when they take a woman to the range for the first time is that they give her too much fire power and it scares the crap out of her. She never wants to shoot again. The man’s dreams of weekends out shooting with his,  until that moment, “perfect woman” are crushed! Well,  Spikes Tactical did come up with a cure for this.  And it’s called the Pure Estrogen or Pure E as I like to call it.

The Pure E is sexy, just like the women who fire it. The Pure Estrogen represents  a new direction for Spike’s Tactical. We realized that we have a lot of clients who love our weapons but were looking for that combination of fire power and ease of use. So this is what we came up with.

pure e_1139_edited-1

The Spike’s Tactical Pure Estrogen is a 14.5(16″OAL) Mid-Length Rifle Package . It’s light weight and dependable, balancing tactical response and competition. Let’s face it, every woman loves versatility!

 The 14.5” Midlength CMV  barrel comes with a ST Dynacomp 2 (pinned and welded) makes for a very smooth shooting rifle with very fast follow up shots. We’ve included our enhanced lower parts kit with the ST Battle Trigger, ST Billet Trigger Guard, and KNS anti-rotational hammer and trigger pins. For this rifle package  we also include our billet mag release button.
With an unloaded weight of 6.65lbs and smooth shooting of a mid-length gas system topped off with our recoil taming ST Dynacomp 2,  and of course the Spike’s Tactical lifetime warranty.

There are two types of people buying this weapon. Women who want the muscle and firepower, whether to get out and sport shoot or for home protection. Then there is the man in her life: who wants to surprise her with a high powered weapon she will actually love to shoot.  This weapon will show her that love is an AR15 from Spike’s Tactical.

Antoinette Rehak

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  1. Andy Werger Tolbert on September 5th, 2014 1:44 am

    Yay! Finally hits the market! Some of the ladies from Heels & Holsters Ladies Shooting Group (me included!) were fortunate to be among the first to shoot this wonderful firearm and give our feedback to Spike’s… and guess what?!?! WE ALL LOVED IT!!! I’ve already got mine… her nickname is P.M.S. and even my guy friends that have shot it are super-jealous! In fact the exact quote from one was “call it some other name and all the guys will buy one too!” My husband’s feedback was that it’s so smooth it’s like shooting a paint ball marker… very little recoil and almost non-existent muzzle rise. I highly recommend the Pure Estrogen to anyone that’s looking for a great AR to add to their lives… man OR woman! :)

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