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Introducing the DynaComp D2 (also known as the DynaComp V2 or DynaComp version 2). The DynaComp D2 is a very innovative Patent Pending design based on 4+ years of testing and feedback received on the Original Spike’s Tactical DynaComp.




Chances are you’ve either owned, have seen, or at least heard about the DynaComp by now. And chances are you already know how good it is. The original Dynamic Compensator (DynaComp for short) has been an extremely successful compensator in the huge market of muzzle devices for over 4 years now. We have fielded thousands of them over the years to customers all over the world. It has a stellar reputation and it’s a favorite of many professionals in the firearm industry.

Your probably wondering how we could make it any better or why would we even change it in the first place? Well here’s why; the original DynaComp was a huge success within the industry to the point where everyone started talking about, trying and using our dynacomp.  Shortly after it started being copied by other manufacturers. Not only just borrowing certain design features from the original DynaComp design, but complete 100% knock offs! Some people say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but we take it to heart around here. We have a passion for these rifles, it’s just not a job to us. We spend hours and thousands of dollars developing innovative products. It’s partially our fault the original DynaComp was copied because we never patented the design. So there wasn’t much we could about it besides sit down and try to design the worlds best compensator. Then patent it so it can’t be copied again. So that’s exactly what we did. After 4 years you learn a lot about a product both good and bad. We took everything we learned over the years and all the feed back we received from the original DynaComp and applied it to a brand new design which is now known as the DynaComp D2.
Here’s are some of the improvements made to the DynaComp D2 design to set it apart from everything else:

The shims/crush washer have been captured in the rear for a much cleaner look. It also prevents your wrench from getting pinched by the crush washer as the crush washer expands. No more little “nicks” on the edges of your crush washer. The D2 comes standard with a stainless steel shim kit for more precise installation but it does work with a crush washer as well.

There are index lines at the 12:00 position and the 6:00 position. This means it’s much easier and much faster to install a muzzle device using the index lines as reference points. The top index line is the quickest reference point and the bottom index line can be used as a second reference point. With these features it will be a lot easier to tell when it’s timed/indexed correctly on the barrel.
We have also added an 8 sided hex in the rear for wrench flats. This allows you to get a wrench on it where you feel most comfortable. This feature also allows for much faster and much cleaner instillation of the muzzle device.

The D2 has progressive side ports and the front ports have been eliminated all together. We have found that front ports increased the recoil, it also didn’t allow use with frangible ammo. The unique progressive side ports keep the muzzle on target and eliminate the normal up and to the right motion that the AR15 platform is known for. These side ports allow the muzzle to stay exactly where you place it even during sustained fire.
We have integrated two rear venture side ports. These two ports help draw in fresh air to greatly reduce the flash or fireball being thrown from the muzzle. These side ports help keep the powder burn inside of the muzzle device verses being throw out in front of the muzzle device. This greatly reduces the muzzle flash.
We also integrated a front blast baffle or blast cone. The blast baffle serves many purposes.  Again, this allows use with frangible ammo. That’s a big deal because most LE agencies train with frangible ammo. With the Dynacomp 2 from Spike’s Tactical they can now train with the same muzzle device they are using on their defensive weapon. The blast cone also rolls back the blast forcing it to exit the side ports verses trying to squeeze out the muzzle hole around the bullet. This greatly increases accuracy. The blast baffle also greatly increases the muzzle devices life span. The D2 will handle sustained full auto fire, no problem. The D2 will out live a CHF barrel.
So what does all this add up to ? What will you gain from the D2 over the original DynaComp?
This is what you can expect:
– Nearly 50% less recoil
– Nearly 40% less flash/fire ball
– Increased accuracy
– 3x more durable
– Much easier and much quicker to stay on target
– Faster to install and easier to install correctly

100% US Made with a Lifetime Warranty.
Technical specifications:
The DynaComp D2 body is precision CNC machined from 416R Stainless steel. The blast baffle is precision CNC machined from H13 Tool Steel and held in place using a proprietary method. The D2 also goes through a proprietary heat treating process and many forms of quality control.
The D2 is threaded 1/2″-28 for use on 223/5.56 barrels.
The D2 is pre-drilled for pinning on 14.5″ barrels for 16″ OAL. They also include a 3/32 hardened stainless steel dowel pin. The muzzle device must be properly timed/indexed. Then the barrel must be spot drilled to retain the pin. Then the pin gets drove in place and either welded over or fused in place using a Tig welded. The D2 is the correct length to turn a 14.5″ barrel into 16″ OAL after its been perm attached. It works on 14.7″ barrels as well, but obviously your OAL will be slightly longer. The D2 is extremely effective on barrels from 7.5″ all the way up to 20″+.


The Pure estrogen comes standard with the Dynacomp 2

The D2 is available with a Matte Melonite finish or with a Matte Nickel Boron finish.
The D2 is also laser engraved with the Spike’s Tactical Spider brand, so that you know what your buying!
Tom Miller

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