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Just five simple steps to apply for the Retail Financing Program:

Step 1. Complete the credit application. You will be asked to provide your basic demographic information including your monthly household income. Remember to add the income of everyone in your household including your spouse’s if applicable, even if you are applying just for yourself.

Step 2. Read and acknowledge the Application Agreement (Consent to Review Credit), Privacy Policy, ACH Consent Notice and Consent to Receive Information Electronically by checking the appropriate box and then submitting your application.

Within 60 seconds you will receive your initial credit decision; either a pre-approval notice or a denial. If you are pre-approved you will receive a notification explaining the credit limit for which you qualified and the specific terms of your contract. If you have been denied you will receive an email with the specific reason(s) for the denial.  Applicants who are denied because of FICO score will be referred to the Credit Bureau.  Applicants who are denied for other reasons can contact Sandbar Acquisition Company, LLC Customer Service Toll Free at (844) 223-2632 to appeal the denial, or resolve any issues.

Step 3. Send an electronic copy of your current state issued photo identification to: Quick Tip: take a picture of your ID with a cell phone and send it via email. 

Step 4. Contact the particiatping dealer or manufacturer that you are purchasing from to place your order. Please call us and we will be happy to provide you with the contact information. Remember, the minimum finacing amount is $750.00.

Step 5. When your product invoice is complete you will receive an email from Sandbar Acquisition Company, LLC with a ink to your documents. This step must be performed on a laptop or desktop. If you choose ACH as your method of payment, you will be asked to provide the bank routing number and account number from which your ACH payments will be withdrawn. Your financial institution will be verified instantly and you will then be prompted to electronically sign your loan documents. Once the e-signature process has been completed, and your order is ready to be picked up or shipped, Sandbar Acquisition Company, LLC will disburse your loan funds directly to the dealer. You will be notified by the dealer when your order is complete and your purchase is ready to be picked up or shipped.

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