Friends Of Spikes

GA Precision

For some of the best bolt action rifles in the world, check out GA Precision. They have been putting together top quality affordable rifles since 1999.

Paratus Consulting Group

Paratus programs are born from years of experience in military combat arms and special operations. Our programs are built from real world operational experience, making us the leaders in the training industry.

Tactical Response / James Yeager

Tactical Response students come from all walks of life. Regardless of age, gender, occupation or race our training provides them one common bond: the Mindset, tactics and skills to prevail in a violent confrontation.

Original SOE Gear

Special operations equipment at its best.

In The Red Targets

Looking for shooting targets from High Velocity to Low Velocity Targets In The Red can accommodate you.

Gunner Fab

If you are looking for gun mounts for your jeep or any other mod done to your vehicle make sure to visit Gunner Fab.

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